Integrate Inloco's SDK into your application

Use our solutions to raise awareness of your app users during the COVID-19 outbreak

Thank you for filling out the registration form. You will soon receive an email with access to our platform to start the integration described below.

This guide is for developers who want to integrate Inloco's SDK. Following this tutorial, your app will be able to send geolocalized push notifications and generate anonymized data (without identifying your users) that will help us with reports to combat COVID-19.

We support integrations with Android, iOS and React Native. For push notifications we support Firebase and Urban Airship.

IMPORTANT: Inloco only collects geolocation data after users' explicit consent. Before publishing your app to the store with the Inloco SDK, you must (1) update your app's privacy policy to include specific Inloco privacy terms and (2) request permission to the user (opt-in) to share their geographic location data  (read the steps 7 and 8 below)

Integration step by step

1. Create an Inloco account

You've already took this step when filling out the form on the COVID-19 page. Stay tuned to your inbox and we will soon send you access.

2. Create applications on the Inloco dashboard

For each of your app's platforms (Android, iOS and React Native), you will need to create an application within Inloco's dashboard. Now that you've received your access by email, enter the applications page to create a new application.

Inside the applications page:

1. Click the button “Add App” and choose your platform:

2. Fill and save the fields with your app's information:

After filling in the fields, you will be taken to our step-by-step to integrate the SDK Inloco.

3. Integrate Inloco's SDK

Our step-by-step guide will guide you through all the integration phases, from the privacy policy to the request for the necessary permissions.

You can also rely on the step-by-step instructions in our technical documentation.

4. Set up the push notifications

Once the SDK has been integrated, select the option to Integrate push notifications:

In order for you be able to send push notifications using Inloco's visit detection technology, we provide a step-by-step guide for setting up your push notification provider. Today we support Google's FCM and Airship as providers.

After selecting your notification provider, the wizard steps will be displayed. Just follow them to complete the integration of push notifications:

You can also check this step-by-step in our technical documentation.


5. Update your policy with the specific terms of Inloco

Include the term below in your policy:

“The [APP NAME] app uses the proprietary geolocation technology owned by IN LOCO TECNOLOGIA DA INFORMAÇÃO S.A. (“In loco”) that allows IN LOCO to collect device data, including geolocation data from visits to commercial establishments, without directly identifying you to: i) send you personalized ads; ii) send you contextualized messages via push notification; iii) perform statistical analysis of behavioral and visit flow to establishments, and iv) validate addresses indicated in registration processes. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you declare that you are aware of and agree with the collection and processing of your data by In loco, as provided in the In loco Privacy Policy. If you disagree, we offer you the option to opt-out.”


6. Ask for the user's permission

In this step, you will need to implement a consent dialog like the example image. See how to implement it in our technical documentation.


7. Start using Inloco

From now on, you can create new push notification campaigns and analyze the location behavior of your user base through the Inloco dashboard. Here you will also find tutorial articles on how to use the platform (In portuguese).